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Cozy Home: Welcome


The definition of cozy is to experience the feeling of comfort, warmth and relaxation. What better place to experience those feelings than in the comfort of your own home. With busy schedules, work, appointments, and ballgames, it is very challenging to care for your home the way you would probably like to. Through Cozy Homes, our desire is to help you create a cozy home of comfort and relaxation so that you have more time to connect with your family and friends. 


A little bit about Cozy Homes' beginning in 2022…

I had the opportunity to work in healthcare as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist for 15 years. I am very thankful for the ways God used this job to provide for my family and me during this time. When I began thinking of ways I could continue to serve individuals and families in my community while having more time with my family, I began to ask what are gifts and passions that can be used to help others. The main hope and goal of Cozy Homes is to provide a quality service of home cleaning to families and individuals within our community. Here at Cozy Homes, we truly enjoy helping others feel cozy and peaceful in their homes. As Cozy Homes has continued to grow, we have had the opportunity to serve numerous clients within our community and provide jobs to other women desiring to have a healthy work, life balance. Family time and a peaceful, restful home are our top priorities.


Lets have a real moment here…

I live with 2 dogs, a husband, an almost 3 year old, and obviously myself. We are human. We are dirty. We make messes. There are dirty dishes in my sink and crumbs in my floor as you read this. With all that, I know the wonderful feeling of coming home to a clean house. The feeling of leaving work or coming home from running errands with nothing to do except spend some time on the couch reading a book or connecting with your there truly any better feeling? When our homes can be a place of peace and comfort, we have time to focus on the most important parts of our lives.

Cozy Home: About


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Seasonal | Move In/Out | New Build

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Recurring | Custom 


Q: What is the process to setup my first, cozy clean with Cozy Homes?

A: Check out the different types of cleans provided with the specifics of each cleaning option. Fill out the Cozy Inquiry Form. Once we have received the form, you will be contacted to setup your New Client Appointment and walkthrough of your home to discuss how we can help make your home a cozy and clean space. After that time together, we will send you a quote for the type of cozy clean you are requesting.

Q: How is the cost of a clean determined?

A: The cost of the clean is determined by the square footage of your home

and the time it takes to make your home cozy clean.  

Q: Do you bring your own cleaning supplies and equipment?

A: We supply all cleaning supplies and equipment EXCEPT toilet brushes and trash bags. No one wants to share these from home to home. Sharing is not caring in this department.




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